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A professor once told us, "Placement papers won't get you a job; concepts will.."


So here we are, to solve this problem of placements. Call the pre-interview emotions euphoria, goosebumps, nervousness or just plain lack of confidence, the placement season takes the better out of even the toppers of the batch; what to say for the poor 5 pointers!

Well, the good news is, we are here!! saviours

Okay, so what is this site about? is designed to help you with your placement queries, help you solve difficult and tricky algorithms, tackle placement papers, provide you with concepts which you can use in your exams as well, and provide you with some exciting new opportunities along the way.

And don't just think we're here for the techies only. We would like to help you get placed in those non technical companies mushrooming as well.

and who are we?

We're one of you! Only a little older, and with a little more experience. We’ve been through stuffs, we’ve learnt a few lessons ourselves and we're here to share. We believe that with good enough preparation, a 5 pointer has as much a chance of making it to a top notch company, as a 10 pointer. You just need to have your fundamentals clear.

We want our students to go to the interviewing panel with only those things in head which the panel wants to hear. No crap, no mugging, just plain old concepts. Crystal clear concepts. That’s what those managers are looking for. We’re here to provide you with that content and to prepare you for all sorts of bombardments.

How we help?

We believe that placement papers alone cannot help candidates succeed in interviews. The interviewers don't take much time to figure out how much you understand a subject. They need knowledgeable people; afterall, you will be designing avant-garde products and software solutions once employed! And placement papers do change; concepts don't :)

We provide you with preparation material, conceptual articles, puzzles, technical and non-technical questions and a forum where you can participate. We want you to prepare yourself through the site. We want you to ask questions - programs, queries, puzzles & even career related questions. Afterall, We are here to answer. :)

So login and get set for Your First Interview!!

P.S. Should you feel like contacting us, or giving us any invaluable suggestions, write to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it We are all ears :)

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