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Write a C program to free the nodes of a linked list.

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Before looking at the answer, try writing a simple C program (with a for loop) to do this. Quite a few people get this wrong.

This is the wrong way to do it

struct list *listptr, *nextptr;
for(listptr = head; listptr != NULL; listptr = listptr->next) 

If you are thinking why the above piece of code is wrong, note that once you free the listptr node, you cannot do something likelistptr = listptr->next!. Since listptr is already freed, using it to get listptr->next is illegal and can cause unpredictable results!

This is the right way to do it

<code>struct list *listptr, *nextptr;
for(listptr = head; listptr != NULL; listptr = nextptr) 
 nextptr = listptr->next;
head = NULL;</code>

After doing this, make sure you also set the head pointer to NULL!

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