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Write a C program to insert nodes into a linked list in a sorted fashion

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The solution is to iterate down the list looking for the correct place to insert the new node. That could be the end of the list, or a point just before a node which is larger than the new node. 

Note that we assume the memory for the new node has already been allocated and a pointer to that memory is being passed to this function.

// Special case code for the head end
void linkedListInsertSorted(struct node** headReference, struct node* newNode) 
 // Special case for the head end
 if (*headReference == NULL || (*headReference)->data >= newNode->data) 
 newNode->next = *headReference;
 *headReference = newNode;
 // Locate the node before which the insertion is to happen!
 struct node* current = *headReference;
 while (current->next!=NULL && current->next->data < newNode->data) 
 current = current->next;
 newNode->next = current->next;
 current->next = newNode;

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