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Anurag is a patient of a deadly disease. His doctor has prescribed him two types of pills - X & Z. Anurag is supposed to eat one pill of each kind every morning (that is; one X & one Z). Plus, he has to eat both of them together, not separately. He has one box of X - pills, & another box of Z - pills.
One morning, Anurag woke up & took one pill from the X box in my hand. Then, he put his hand in the Z box, but accidentally took two pills. Now he had one X pill & two Z pills in his hand.


Now, the problem is, that both X & Z pills look identical. Their colour, weight, size, shape are exactly the same. Also, taking the the wrong combination of pills can result in death. He can't even throw them away as they are very costly.
How can Anurag take exactly one X pill & one Z pill?

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