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Monkey and Bullet

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A very common and simple puzzle. It used to be asked interviews a lot, earlier. Remember your physics?? ;)


There is a monkey in a forest hanging by a branch of a tree. There is also a hunter with his gun looking for a kill. Now, the hunter spots the monkey, takes aim with the help of the laser pointer on the gun, and fires at it.

At exactly the moment that the shot is fired, the monkey lets go of the tree branch and starts to fall freely towards the ground. Will the monkey dodge the bullet and survive the shot?

Height of monkey from ground - h, distance of hunter from base of tree - d, Velocity of bullet - v, and acceleration due to gravity - g. You can assume the monkey to be a point object.

The moment that the shot is fired = the time when the bullet starts its motion, and is not to be interpreted as the time when the monkey heard the shot. So velocity of sound does not come into play. :D

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