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Bananas and the lucky Monkey

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Another Classic puzzle!


3 guys picked a bunch of bananas from a tree together. They got tired at the end of the day and decided to sleep first and then divide the bananas in the morning equally between them. Now, in the middle of the night one of these guys woke up and thought, "I don't trust the other two, so let me divide it myself and take my share now." and thats what he did. But when he finished dividing the bananas into 3 evenly, there was an extra banana left. This he gave to a monkey sitting by and took his share and slept.

A while later, the second one woke up and did the same thing. Again there was an extra banana which the monkey got. The third one woke up and repeated the same thing over once again, giving the lucky monkey another banana. In the morning when all 3 woke they all kept quiet about what happened during the night and decided to divide the bananas again.

So they did and again there was an extra banana which they gave to the same monkey :) The question is, how many bananas were there in total?

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