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Tell me about something you did that you now feel a little ashamed of

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Another Trap: This is one of those questions which an interviewer had no business of asking. You might want to reply a “none of your business”, but you obviously can’t :)


The reason interviewers put forth this question is not to stumble upon some hidden truth of yours, but to see how well you can think on your feet. Obviously, if in this process they do get to listen to a hidden story of your life, nobody complains ;)

Unprepared candidates do this. They feel they this is their chance of a catharsis(outflow of emotions). But this is only a test, not a time to unburden yourself of guilt from your personal life or career. Such answers can be disastrous.


As we discussed with faults and weaknesses, never confess a regret. But don't stonewall either. The best thing to say is that people do make mistakes, so have you. But, you have no regrets in life. And that’s the principle of your life. Follow it up with a habit you practice regularly for healthy human relations.

Example: Pause for reflection, as if the question never occurred to you. Then say, "Sir, I can't think of anything right now" (Pause again, then add): "I believe that the best way to avoid regrets is to avoid causing them in the first place :). I’ve  practiced a habit since college that helps me a lot in this regard. At the end of each day, I mentally review the day's events, conversations and interactions and try to take another look at my actions. If I feel that some things or some of my ways could’ve lacked maturity, I make it a point to correct them. And if there was something which hurt me, I make an effort to clear up things with the person who was responsible. I think the results of these introspections have so far been positive :)”

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