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Why do want to change your job?

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This is one question that is certain to be thrown towards you if you are experienced or if you are looking for a switch. So what do you think should be your answer to this? Think of how you would have replied before you see below my view.


What you should say:

If you have decided to leave your current job, then you are at advantage than the one who doesn’t have a job in hand. State honestly the reasons what are the things you are hoping to find in your new job that are missing in your current job. Don’t try to be evasive as it will get noticed easily. But also make sure you have fair enough idea about the kind of profile you are being offered and if it is inline with you expectations.

Also make sure, that you explain well your reasons for which you are considering a switch: better salary, better growth or better roles and responsibilities or even change in interest. But you got to have a proper explanation to support it.

If you don’t have a job in hand or you were fired, don’t lie about it. Rather it is against the ethics to lie about this fact. If the firing was due to mass layoff or a result of a merger or takeover, say it. In my opinion, being candid about the firing is the best way to face it even if it hurts.

What you must NOT say:

The worst thing you could do when asked this question would be badmouthing your previous company or employer or boss or colleagues. Doing this brings out the negativity in you and projects as if you have personal egos at workplace and that you don’t gel well with your co-workers. It also puts a question mark on your performance as this is one of the common issues of personality clashes at workplace.

The final impression:

Showing that you have gained from your previous experience is important. Instead of complaining about your pervious company, show what have learnt from there as this is what the company is looking for: an employee well informed and having urge to learn even more.

Best of Luck !! :)

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