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Tell me something about yourself

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I don't remember an interview when this question was not asked. 'Tell me about yourself' is a trap. Candidates who go to the interview unprepared for this question, end up blurting something nonsense like their family history, personal matters and life stories. Understand that the employer is not interested in all these, at least not during your first encounter.


Ok so what do you actually blurt out? Think of yourself sitting in the panel. What all would you be interested in knowing about the candidate? Would you like him to start with his family history, or just begin with why he is here?

Begin slowly

Start with your name. Where are you from and from where you did your schooling. Then move on to your college.

Sell what they want to buy

Now you start elaborating things about your life. College is the present you. This is where as much as 80% of you has changed. has grown up (isn't it?). This is where you have done things. Experimented with stuffs. So tell them about it. About all the certificates you have earned. All the prizes you won. All the events you organized. All the things you learnt.

Make a list of things you have done and shortlist those lines which make you well qualified for the company you are appearing for. Make sure that you speak about them in the interview. Afterall, you have to sell yourself. Make sure that you sell what the buyer wants to buy.


When you have told them enough. Stop! There will be times when the panel would just sit there and say nothing. There will also be times when the panel would say, "Is that all"! That never means that you keep talking any whatever that comes to your mind.

Just ask the panel politely, "Sir is there anything specific that you would like me to tell you?", or "Any specific or essential quality related to the position you want me to elaborate upon". Ask them to ask you. 

Tell a story if the panel is interested

There should always be a story telling in an interview, if such a question is asked. Everyone loves a good story afterall! But please never start with any such thing. See where the interview is heading. Have you been able to attract the panel's attention? Have they asked you any whys or whos during your narration? Do they seem interested? If yes, go on..tell them an incident in which you were involved. What you learnt from it. (Don't just tell them about your camping vacation of 2 days. Tell them something which shows them the utility side of you. A side from which their company can benefit from)

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