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What are your greatest strengths?

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Another of those questions which don't have a correct answer! :)


The answer to this question has to be honest. But at the same time you should not be sounding too arrogant or egotistical. Nor do you have to humble! Ideally this question should not be asked as a stand alone. I mean unless the interview is really testing your skill at handling unexpected questions, this question would follow only after a certain amount of discussion has already taken place.

So by the time it is put to you, you should have already gained an idea of the qualities which the employer is seeking. So, now is the time to bring out the same qualities as your strengths.

As I told you earlier, you should do some ground work before you go for the interview. For this question always have

  1. A list of 20 one-liners about yourself ready. Use at least 7-10 of these in your conversations.
  2. A list of recent incidents where you displayed some good sense of understanding, or leadership or any impressive achievement. These would automatically count as your strengths.

By heart these 2 things. and i mean really mug them up. There should be no confusion at all.

An employer would be most impressed to see qualities like punctuality, leadership, confidence, positive attitude, and a winning ability conveyed as your strengths.

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