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What are your greatest weaknesses?

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I remember a dialogue from one of my favourite movies, Taken, when the protagonist says to his daughter, "Now, the next part is very important - They are going to take you!". Well, this is one of those questions where the interviewing panel would very much want to take you.


You admit a weakness and they throw an F at you for the job. You deny, and they throw an F for being dishonest!! So, you got to be honest, you got to admit your weakness and you have to appear to be the best candidate for the job as well. The best way to get out of this trap then is to portray your weakness as your strength.

For example, "I am a very impatient person. I cannot wait for the next day to complete a task. I have to do it now!" So it says how good you would be to the organization. Companies just love impatient people :)

The only drawback: This is what most candidates generally do. So the panel is already prepared for such sort of answers.

Again by the time this question is asked, you should be well aware of the qualities the interviewer is looking for. Well, even if you are not, you know what you would hate in a candidate, right? So, don't portray those weaknesses.

Best Answer: Tell your interviewer, "Sir, I do not see any weakness which might hamper my performance or my role in your company. Based on my present understanding of the position you are offering, I believe I'd make an outstanding match and I see nothing that would cause you even a small concern about my ability or my strong desire to perform this job with excellence."

Alternate strategy: (if you don't yet know enough about the position)

Instead of confessing a weakness, tell the panel what you like most and like least, making sure that what you like most matches up with the most important qualification for success in the position, and what you like least is not essential. :)

For example, for a software engineering job, say something like, “I am most comfortable in programming and finding solutions; that is my strength. But when it comes to writing documents detailing the solution my program gives, I get a little impatient. This is an area where I would like to improve myself and gain an edge in.”

The panel would be impressed to find you acknowledging your shortcomings and putting an effort in overcoming them.

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