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GD: Democracy has hampered India’s progress

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Democracy in India is one of the popular topics of debate across the world. Despite such a large population, India has been able to shine on the world arena with a democratic form of governance - this only speaks of some character. But this form also has a lot of negatives associated with it.


Points in Favour

  • Democracy has allowed almost anyone to become oour leader, be it an uneducated person or someone with a criminal background.
  • Politicians in rural areas give way to local hoodlums who use their power and force to get votes from the people. This is what our democracy has come out to become.
  • Even in urban cities, politicians influence voters with monetary goods like free clothes, etc and fake promises to get votes. We all are aware of that. What is the purpose of such a democracy when after getting elected the leaders simply forget the people.
  • Democracy leads to a lot of bureaucracy, which leads to delays in all processes. 
  • With such a system, one simple decision has to be agreed upon by so many people before it gets implemented. There is a whole parliament debate which a suggestion has to pass through, then there are political parties which threaten withdrawal from government if the motion passes. 
  • This democracy is only hampering India's growth and not favouring it. It has handicapped India.

Points Against

  • India is the largest democracy in the world and we should take pride in that. With a population of over 1 billion, we are among the most powerful and influential nations in the world, while taking everyone's opinions into account. This only goes to say that our democracy is not failing us!
  • Yes, it has its bad points but which form of government does not? Even in America, a 2 party democracy, people do not vote because they don't have much to chose! Atleast we have multiple choices.
  • And yes, we are definitely better than our 2 highly undemocratic neighbours - Pakistan and China. People in Pakistan are still beset with the after effects of dictatorship, while in China no one has a say! 
  • Indian democracy has only one drawback and that is of not having educated youth join politics. If people are so concerned about our democracy why not join politics and try to clear some mess? An example is being set by new age leaders like Pilot and Scindia. We need more such leaders. and as far as electing criminals is concerned, its a matter of our judiciary failing us rather than our democracy.


Each form of government will be good in some areas and bad in others. India has been living with democracy for 60 years and that is the way 
forward. More countries are now trying to emulate India's model. We need more educated politicians to clean up our democracy and we need support 
from our judiciary; with those in place Indian democracy is only going to be a success story.

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