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GD:Who is better- A Manager by Degree or a Manager by Experience?

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This is question that has more chances of being thrown to you during a PI for a MBA. This question is really a good one, because I feel that it will have almost equal number of supporters on both sides. I wont like to bias my opinion here. In a job we come across both kinds of managers, those who have climbed up the ladder without a management degree, rather solely based on their experience, as well as those who have reached to that point by earning a degree in management. But who among the two proves to be a better manager. We cant say that, but we can certainly analyze some points here.


Manager by Experience

  • A Manager has to lead a team and for this he needs to have practical exposure, an hands on dealing with a team of people. Learning through books doesn’t imprint that quality in him.
  • Text books dont cover real life situations, but in real life a manager has to react on the basis of many other factors (which may or may not be related to human emotions). Many of these factors are not part of any textbook.
  • In decision making, a manager has to be really quick and so his reaction time is tested under those situations. This cannot come without experience in dealing with such situations before.

Manager by Degree

  • Management course covers many situations describing complex situations that can come and also provides a systematic approach on how to deal with them. This tried and tested approaches can help a manager when he faces a similar situation in the industry.
  • To work in an industry, a manager is required to gain some skills also. Such skills do not always com through experience and can only be gained through specializing in those skills. That is where a management curriculum helps.
  • Management Institutes use techniques of drama and role play in classroom which is a great way of learning real life problems in real time scenarios


Real time experience is always more important then the classroom studies. Nonetheless, there are few benefits of having gained some skills and knowledge thrugh a management curriculum when you face a real life problem in industry. The importance and benefits of systematic methods of learning employed in the course of a management degree can not be ignored.

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