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GD: Who will win - India or China?

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No favours or againsts here. This topic calls for a discussion – a healthy discussion about the 2 superpowers in Asia. For this topic it is essential that candidates should be well versed with facts. Lets see what all can be talked of in this GD


The best thing for the group would be to outline the parameters that can be looked upon during the discussion - on the basis on which the group would make a choice between the two countries. These criteria could be the following:

  • Military Strength
  • Economic factors, Physical infrastructure
  • The Manpower
  • Social infrastructure – health, education etc.
  • Influence the country has on other countries in the world
  • The political leadership and political views in the country

For each of these factors, you would have some opinions backed strongly with some hard numbers, facts, reasons and justifications. Never try to create artificial responses.

For the first factor, Military strength, we could consider:

  • Nuclear capabilities of the two countries
  • Missile technology
  • Size and strategic positioning of the defense forces (which could include the military trainings and average age of a military personnel)
  • Military weapon systems and technology

On most of these parameters, China is considered ahead of India (It in fact is). It has been a nuclear power for much longer than India. While India backs upon its Agni-3 with a range of 3500 km, Chinese missiles have a far greater range of over 5,000 kms (with even longer-range missiles in the pipeline). China’s advanced military technology lies in other areas as well, such as nuclear submarines.

Points worth considering for economic factors:

  • The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the two countries and GDP growth. China is well ahead of India as its GDP is thrice that of India in actual terms. Its growth rate is also higher and latest figures can be quoted here.
  • Trade balance: While China has a massive trade surplus, India has a large trade deficit which is a negative sign
  • Investment: China receives considerably more FDI and FII than India
  • Per Capita Income: The per-capita income in China is also higher than that of India’s 

For another parameter, social infrastructure, we could look at factors such as:

  • Education: Infrastructure and indicators such as number of schools/ thousand people, literacy rate, student enrolment ratios, number of teachers, quality of educational institutes, etc. Although India boasts of some top-class higher education institutes, the primary and secondary level schooling is still not developed and is beset with student and teacher absenteeism and lack of infrastructure
  • Health: Facilities and indicators-number of doctors, hospital beds per 1000 people, quality of healthcare etc.
  • Other indicators such as Life expectancy, Sex Ratio etc could also be discussed when one looks at Social Infrastructure.

The other parameters should be discussed and analyzed in a similarly.

Remember your opinion will only impress the evaluators, if it is backed by clear facts and accurate numbers.


You can refer to the following links for further reading on these topics: (Choose India and China for statistics)


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