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Why GDs?

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GDs have always been a mainstream test for candidates for MBA entrances and the so called non-tech companies. However, of-late many software development companies have also started GDs and group interviews.


The reason for this is to test a candidate's ability to think well and creatively in a pressure scenario where everyone is out to prove her/himself. Another purpose is to test the leadership qualities and the ability to work in teams, both qualities gaining a lot of importance in organizations. 

GDs generally consist of abstract topics while case studies are still the foray for the non-tech companies like investment banks and research companies like Mc-Kinsey, KPMG, Evalueserve and so many more mushrooming these days. We will discuss some good GDs here which have been and are likely to be asked in your placement interviews and samples of case studies which are asked by research companies. Stay tuned!

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