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GD: Western Culture in India

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Is it wise for Indians to adopt and emulate western culture and values in India?


Start by defining culture.

According to Oxford, culture is defined as: the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society.

Wikipedia also defines culture as The set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution, organization or group.

Points in Favour

  • Culture is not related to patriotism in any way. So, if a particular group of people or society wants to adopt a certain way of living or follow certain customs, it should be perfectly fine
  • All societies, all cultures, all value systems must evolve. Change is the law of nature and change, for the good, should always be encouraged.
  • We cannot deny the fact that the west is much more advanced than we are. So they must be following some practises which we don’t and the same refusal to follow these practises is perhaps slowing down our growth.
  • So, why not learn what practises these are and try to emulate them for our own good.
  • All said, adoption of bad practises should still be avoided. We want to go forward and not move backward. Western countries are advanced and this is also seeing a lot of hooliganism being followed by the youth there. We should discourage such behaviour in our country and only take the positives out of their culture.
  • Adoption of new ideas to our existing culture doesn’t mean that we lose our identities. Our value system remains intact, only new practises are added, only for our growth.

Points Against

  • There is a difference between modernisation and westernisation. People confuse them both. In the race of becoming modern people tend to emulate the vulgar dressing sense of their western counterparts which is detrimental to our society.
  • People have to understand that copying their sense of so called style, does not change the outlook of our elders. We have a certain tradition. Certain values with which our parents have brought us up. If suddenly we start to look ‘cool’ it will not go down well with our people. So, before we start emulating the west, we first need to change the mentality of our own people.
  • Again, people tend to forget their own culture in the pursuit of westernism. This is wrong and children should be discouraged. IF we want, we should amend the positive western values to our culture and not just adopt the whole western way of living in an eastern land! It would only spell chaos.


  • We are not here to replace our values with those of a foreign country. At the same time we are also not here to live with following old customs and letting our country crawl when the whole world is running. 
  • We need to be able to differentiate between the good, the bad and the ugly and should ammend the positive values of any foreign culture to our own, so that we are able to progress. The word adoption should be replaced with amendment.

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