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Resume Essentials

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Here are some vital points to understand before sending across your resume to recruiters. 


Resume Format

  • Always have a .doc (Microsoft Word) format and .txt format of your resume with you and also a .pdf (Adobe Reader) version just in case.
  • When filling resume in job portal websites, use the .txt format and when you are sending resume through mail, it's always better to send the .doc format.Don't send a .pdf or .rtf version unless asked for.

Resume Size

  • Try to keep the .doc resume file size less than 100 KB.

Resume File Name

  • Don't give some junk names as the file name for the resume. As we discussed, resume viewers have a very short span to select a resume, and a junk or an abstract name gives them every opportunity to further lessen that time by rejecting the resume right away. Plus, a junk named file has every chance of ending up in the bulk/trash folder of the recruiter. A valid resume's file name should ideally denote the candidate's name, experience, technology, years of experience and/or company name. The name should prompt the recruiter to open the resume.

Example: Resume_Kartik_J2EE_2.5 Years_TCS.doc
Example: Resume_Kalpana_IIT_B Tech_Computers.doc

Mail IDs

  • Use only one (or maximum of 2) mail Ids for the purpose of recruitments. These email ids should be checked regularly. It is always better to have an exclusive email id for job notifications and recruitment purposes. This could also be a more professional id like kartik.sharma(@), very different from your fun id of kartik_hunk(@) It might sound stupid at first, but these things matter when recruiters have a choice to make between candidates. They reject on petty pretexts!
  • Mention only 1 email id in your resume. But be sure that the email provider is reliable and all mails would be delivered. 2 email ids make the CV cluttered and shows a negligent (for the recruiter's extra effort in typing another email id) and pessimistic (for thinking that one of the ids will fail) behavior.
  • While sending the resume,preferably send it from the mail ID you have mentioned in your resume.

Always keep a copy

  • While sending the resume, always keep a CC/BCC to your self mail ID to know whether the resume is attached properly and/or whether it's traveling to bulk or spam folder.
  • Check your Bulk/Spam mail folder for a reply, before you empty it.

Subject Line

  • If the company mentions that a specific 'Job Code' has to be written in Subject Line, write that. If nothing specific is mentioned, then give a proper subject line for your mail, mentioning your experience, technology and/or company name with location.

Example: Resume - C/Unix - 3 Years Experience - Aricent - Gurgaon

Covering Letter

  • We have already discussed the importance of a covering letter along with the resume. Always try to include one whenever you are applying for a position without any explicit call for your resume.
  • Tips on how a covering letter should be structured can be found here

Brief and Crisp

  • Keep your resume short, sweet and crisp. You can use the guidelines mentioned here and here
  • At the end, take a printout of your resume and see how it looks. If you do not like it in the first look, even the recruiters won't.

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